Halloween Home Decor Ideas

If you enjoy Halloween, you must be very excited about decorating your home for it. But aren’t you tired of the same old paper pumpkins in your window every year? Get more Halloween home decor ideas – luckily, there are plenty of choices here.


Halloween home decor is the only excuse for cobwebs in your home! Decorative cobwebs come prepackaged and are available at almost any convenience or party store during the Halloween season. As a fun way of expressing some Halloween home decor, place the cobwebs in the corners of rooms and windows, and outside any trees or bushes that you might have.


A flying ghost is a popular symbol of Halloween, so it is no surprise that Halloween home decor employs this image to the fullest. You can purchase a ghost decoration and, using clear thread, suspend it in the middle of a nearby window. Or, you can use everyday tissues to make little ghosts and tape them up around your house.

The Stuffed Scarecrow

For a fun and scary Halloween home decor decoration, take some of those autumn leaves that you have been raking up and stuff some old clothes with them. Then, take a paper bag, stuff that with leaves, and tie the base. Attach a scary mask to it and make it the head for the scarecrow. Then, take a porch chair and sit the scarecrow on it. Place the scarecrow either in the corner of a large room or on the front lawn (which would really care the trick-or-treaters).


Get strings of orange lights and place them around the perimeters of the main rooms in you home. Alternatively, you can decorate trees and bushes with them to make you home stand out to trick-or-treaters. Strings of lights are a spooky, yet elegant example of Halloween home decor.

Painted Windows

With washable paint easily available nowadays you can turn the main windows of your home into Halloween murals. Both parents and young children can have real fun doing it together. The biggest advantage of this Halloween home decor idea is that it allows children to express their creativity.

Decorating your home for Halloween remember to have fun first of all – this should be an enjoyable activity and no kind of competition against the neighbors.

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Bamboo Art: From Museum Walls To Home Decor

Bamboo art is definitely not a brand new medium. As far back as ancient China, the bamboo brush was a vital tool to develop the flowing beauty of calligraphy and today, the resilient and sturdy bamboo lends itself very easily to big ideas and larger-than-life sculptures.

In Seattle, a current piece at the Henry Art Gallery by Cambodian artist Sopheap Pich makes use of the bamboo native to his country to reflect the tumultuous history also native to his country. Named “Compound,” the piece resembles the undetonated bombs that still dot the Cambodian landscape, relics left behind by the Khmer Rouge. Pich’s loved ones escaped Cambodia in 1979 and arrived in the United States in 1984 but soon after completing a master’s degree at the Art Institute of Chicago, Pich returned to Cambodia in 2002. Due to the fact bamboo and rattan were more inexpensive than stone and carving tools, Pich chose them as his preferred medium. Pich slices and boils bamboo strips which are tied with wire into shapes for the pieces.

Although not dependent on bamboo as its primary medium, the Bamboo Fence Art Festival currently happening in Taimo First Village, Taiwan, features architectural exhibits, photography and a series of literary seminars that center on the history of the culture of military dependence of Taiwainese villages. The Bamboo Fence refers to the bamboo fences used to separate the military barracks from the general public in the 1950s.

For those seeking to own some bamboo art, Paper Culture has brought bamboo as a medium to the masses. Identified for its commitment to eco-friendliness, Paper Culture has added bamboo art to its menu of 100% recycled paper merchandise. This is wall art that is easily personalized with names and photographs and will introduce an eco-conscious choice for the growing $42 billion industry of art and wall decor.

Says Paper Culture CEO Christopher Wu: “Our Bamboo Wall Art will make an impact whether customers want wall art for their homes, are searching for a truly unique gift idea, or want to find a distinctive way to professionally display their photography or graphic design.”

For youngsters, there is alphabet animal wall art to help teach the ABCs and for adults, there is the choice to create their own design on bamboo panels by uploading photographs and designs to the company’s website.

Paper Culture chose bamboo for its quality and for its capability to grow up to 4 feet a day making it a very renewable resource for any organization to choose. And due to the fact bamboo needs no pesticides to grow healthy and strong, there is no pollution involved in harvesting the sturdy plant.

Paper Culture’s bamboo line is also part of its Million Tree Pledge for which Paper Culture plants a tree for every order. If only they chose bamboo over traditional hardwoods, they could triple the quantity of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere!

No matter whether you’re admiring the intricate beauty of bamboo architecture or just wanting to add an eco-friendly and modern option to your home decorating, there’s a bamboo art alternative for everyone. Enjoy!

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Helpful Home Decorating Tips

This article was written to answer many of the most often asked questions on this topic. I hope you find all of this information helpful.

When making plans for a home decorating project, it is important to sit down and write down your ideas and goals. Without a plan the experience may become confusing and frustrating. There are many details to work out when planning to decorate your home such as theme, materials and intentions for the space being decorated. It is pointless to get up one morning thinking I’ll decorate my dining room today. It would be a nice thought but without previous planning, doubtfully the project would amount to much. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Home decorating tips such as this are helpful.

After jotting down ideas and goals for your home decorating project, the next phase might be to consider your budget, how much can you afford to spend on redecorating. Materials and accessories could be costly depending on what your decorating plans are. If desiring to make changes to your entire home, you should have access to a sufficient amount of money. Helpful home decorating tips should always make your budget a priority. There are hidden costs when making huge improvements in your home. Better safe than sorry.Once the home decorating begins, little expenses seem to jump out of the woodwork. Planning a home decorating project that fits your budget is a helpful home decorating tip.

Once you are all straightened out regarding the financial situation, you will want to choose a style or them for your home decorating project. There are many to choose from and the decision should be made based on your likes and interests. Country decorating provides a sense of warmth and coziness, while a modern theme might be loud and alive. Remember when planning to decorate, this theme may be around for awhile. For this reason another good home decorating tip is, choose a theme or a style you can live with.

After making a final decision about your decorating theme, a helpful home decorating tip might be to sit down and sketch your plan on paper. Using a pencil and paper, sketch a diagram of the area you are about to decorate. Considering the size, spend some time arranging and rearranging, through drawing, the items to go in this space. Let’s keep the ball rolling.Using a mental visualization and the sketch, you should be certain of your goal before the actual work begins. Another helpful home decorating tip at this stage of the game is aiming to highlight.

Your imagination, your creativity ? these are two great assets in home decorating. Perhaps one of the most helpful home decorating tips is to make use of your own creative abilities. When your project begins, if an idea pops in your head or you discover you would like to try orange instead of beige, go for it. Often times it’s those off the wall ideas that make a space look astonishing. It’s your home, your idea, use your judgement. Go the extra mile.

There are many helpful home decorating tips. They can be found in home decorating magazines, books, on programs or on the Internet. If having concerns and inhibitions about starting a decorating project in your home, you could certainly get some helpful home decorating tips from these sources. Decorating your home is meant to be an exciting and joyous occasion. The number one tip for home decorating is have fun.

I hope you have gotten some good ideas from this article and that you are able to use them.

REPRINT RIGHTS statement: This article is free for republishing by visitors provided the Author Bio box is retained as usual so that all links are Active/Linkable with no changes.

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8 Simple and Cheap Home Decorating Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss

When it comes to home interior decorating there are many great ideas out there for you to try out at home. With some simple and not to mention cheap ideas, you can give your home an instant update. Try out the following cheap home decor ideas for your home.

1) If you have a workspace and own some floating shelves, you can easily give this area a new breath of fresh air just by using wallpaper. Use cheap wallpaper to cover the shelves and you’re workspace will look brand new.

2) If you have an area near the window, you can easily place little pots of house plants, herbs and even grass to make the window area more attractive. This simple idea just needs some little pots and some simple plants that you may already have at home. Just look at what you already own and adapt from there.

3) How about creating some shelves where you can display some of your favorite things. You can simply stack a few sturdy wooden benches and you get instant shelves. You can purchase these plain benches and stack them up wherever you need them.

4) An easy way to add country charm and a rustic appeal to your bookshelves is to simply add paper doilies along the edges. It will look pretty and feminine and very attractive.

5) Another idea is to use the cozy enclosure of the shelves as a backdrop to small works of art. Little postcards or small reproductions can be framed in inexpensive frames and placed on your shelves. Definitely something that will surprise your guests.

6) How about dressing up your coffee tables? Placing a piece of mirror glass on the surface on the tabletop will create a stunning effect. It will hide any imperfections of the tabletop, like scratches, and will reflect light which will give your living room a dazzling effect.

7) Did you know that those little dried beans can look good on your photo frames? Get some dried beans and glue this onto some wooden frames. A few random frames can look like they belong in a set with these beans around them.

8) Speaking of walls and frames, here is another way to make your own artistic works of art. Remember how as children we were taught how to cut out snowflakes and other designs from papers after folding a square piece of paper repeatedly into a triangle? Well, this simple technique can be used for your home. Cut out some snowflakes or whatever design you fancy from colored paper, then glue this design into a neat arrangement onto a contrasting colored paper. This can be framed for an instant work of art.

Decorating your home and giving it an update here and there is simple and easy to do. Try out some of the above home decoration ideas and you will soon find your own creativity soar.

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Fun and Cheap Holiday Home Decoration Ideas

If you need to cut back on your Home Decoration this holiday season to save money don’t worry. You can still have a great time decorating your home for the holidays and make your home look great without spending a fortune. The key to finding cheap Home Decoration ideas that don’t look cheap is to be creative. The more creative you are the better the decoration ideas you come up with will be.

The first thing that you need to do is sit down, examine your finances, and decide how much of your holiday spending money you want to spend on decorations. Once you have a good idea of what the budget will be you can use these ideas to create fantastic holiday decorations:

Wrap It Up
Take the art that you already have on the walls in your home and wrap each piece individually like a present in festive paper and ribbons. Wrapping paper is very cheap, even the fancy paper, and ribbons can be purchased in bulk for additional savings. Seeing those wrapped presents on the wall will help everyone in the home get excited to put wrapped presents under the tree. You can also use wrapping paper to wrap doors and windows.

Go Green
If you visit a Christmas tree farm and talk to the owner you may be able to get piles of Evergreen branches for free or for very little money. There are always broken branches leftover when people buy trees and often they are just discarded. If you’re crafty you can take these branches home and glue them into festive wreaths for the doors and windows. You can also tie ribbons on groups of branches and place them on tables, the mantelpiece, in vases on shelves and all around the house. They will look very cheerful and fill the house with the wonderful scent of Christmas trees all for next to nothing.

Focus On One Room
Instead of trying to buy enough Home Decoration items to fill the house concentrate on one room in the house and put all your efforts and money into that room. You can choose from many different holiday Home Decoration ideas to create your own Christmas wonderland that everyone can enjoy. If you’re planning a holiday party make it a potluck and spend the extra money on decorations instead of food.

Make Friends With Your Neighbors
Instead of trying to outdo all the other houses in the neighborhood when it comes to Christmas Home Decoration have a neighborhood meeting with delicious Christmas cookies and ask people to agree to a neighborhood light display instead of individual displays. You can all save money and raise some community spirit by building a neighborhood Christmas light display together.

Home Decoration for the holidays doesn’t have to bankrupt you. This year get creative with your holiday decorations and spend the extra money on your family.

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